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CONTACT  (850) 833 - 7587
Please leave a voicemail with your full name and  contact number. Your call will be returned within 2 business days. Emails are returned within 1 business day.
General Assistance  
Fort Walton Beach Center Manager
Mary Travis, Ext. 2138

Support Team
Harry Oliver, Ext. 2101 
Randy Hunter, Ext. 2106
Malcolm Parker, Ext. 2120
Ann Farrior, Ext. 2124
Jackie Dallas, Ext. 2131
Jobs and Benefits Administrator/HR Liaison Department of Economic Opportunity
Mary Travis, Ext. 2138
Jobs and Benefits Supervisor, DEO
Kenneth Wallace, Ext. 2119

Training and WorkforceNOW! Programs
WIOA Adult/DW Team Lead
Cheryl Hall, 850-520-5990 ext 2202 
WIOA Adult/DW Career Advisors 
​Ft. Walton Beach
Tammy Hunter, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2135
Loren Randle, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2121
DeFuniak Springs
Reeta Archbold, 850-520-5990 ext. 2203
WorkforceNOW!/WIOA Youth Career Advisors 
Fort Walton Beach and DeFuniak Springs
Jessica Alley, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2132

SNAP Employment & Training (Food Assistance) & Welfare Transition (Cash Assistance) Programs
SNAP/WT Team Lead
Melissa Rust, 850-520-5990, Ext. 2149 
SNAP/WT Career Advisors 
Ft. Walton Beach
Stephanie Reeves, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2108 
Crestview and DeFuniak Springs
Brandon Elkins, 850-520-5990 Ext. 2205 or 850-428-6275

Business Services


Business Services Team Lead  

Emmy Epperson, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2129


Business Services Account Managers 

Bobby Turner, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2118


Allan Coble, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2114


Veteran and Military Family Employment

Veteran Program Manager 
Ken Wallace, Ext. 2119 
Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialists (DVOP) 
Albert Bibbins, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2127 
Will Williams, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2123 
Marcus Sallee, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2117 
Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVER)
Ernest Sordelet, 850-833-7587, Ext. 2110
MFEA Team Lead
Mayra Reynoso, Ext. 2109

Rapid Response Coordinator / Special Projects Manager
Randy Hunter, Ext. 2106