Unemployment Assistance

Program Description

The Reemployment Assistance (RA) program provides temporary financial assistance to eligible workers during periods of unemployment. The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program is designed to address the reemployment needs of RA claimants.

Individuals filing RA claims maybe selected to participate in the state's RESEA program. Participants are made aware of and referred to a variety of available reemployment services. If selected for participation, claimants are notified via U.S. mail of a mandatory appointment at their local career center and provided these services:

  • Orientation - Information regarding the services available to claimants at the career center.
  • Initial Assessment - A one-on-one interview with a career center job counselor that provides an initial analysis of the claimant's strengths, weaknesses, barriers, employment history, education, etc.
  • Labor Market Information (LMI) - An analysis of the labor market that is unique to the claimant's desired occupation and location, experiences, and skills.  The aim is for the claimant to recognize trends in his/her desired occupation and determine whether it is worth pursuing based on growth or decline in that area, or if it would be better to seek training for another field with a better occupational outlook.
  • Employability Development Plan (EDP) - A thorough, complete plan of action for the claimant that incorporates information gathered from the initial assessment and LMI to determine what the next step should be in finding employment or recommending training. The EDP sets out specific steps for the claimant to follow upon leaving the career center.
  • Work Search Activities - Claimants are referred to any additional activities relevant to the results of the their initial assessments such as counseling, resume writing, job search workshop, referrals to education and/or training.

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